Arbuckle Family

My family’s lineage can be traced back to approximately 1762, with the birth of William Arbuckle, most likely in Cambuslang. During that period, the population of Cambuslang stood at around 934 residents. In 1787, William entered matrimony with Marion Marshall in Cambuslang, and this union was also documented in the records of East Kilbride, Marion’s native parish. Marion, born in 1762 in the parish of Avondale, was the offspring of John Marshall and Marrion Stobo.
William and Marion’s union bore at least three children, all born in Cambuslang. Their presence was noted in the 1807 census of Cambuslang, which included William, Marion, Jane, Alexander, and John. The family resided in the East Cotes area, which was known to be inhabited by well to do miners during that era.
By 1841, William and Marion had relocated to Farme, Rutherglen, accompanied by their son Alexander. Both William and Marion passed away in 1842.

1st Generation

William Arbuckle and Marion Marshall

2nd Generation

Jane Arbuckle 
Alexander Arbuckle
John Arbuckle

3rd Generation

Jane Arbuckle and Archibald Paterson’s children

Marion Paterson
William Paterson b 23 Jul 1912 in Cambuslang d bef 1816
James Paterson
William Paterson b 16 Oct 1816 in Rutherglen
Helen Paterson
Jean Paterson b 16 Jan 1824 in Rutherglen
Archibald Paterson b 12 Apr 1828 in Rutherglen
Margaret Paterson b 9 Feb 1832 in Rutherglen

Alexander Arbuckle and Elizabeth Clark’s children

William Arbuckle b abt 1821 in Cambuslang d 1868 in Rutherglen
Alexander Arbuckle
Marion Arbuckle
John Arbuckle b 18 Dec 1831 in Rutherglen
Peter Arbuckle b 6 Jul 1834 d 1835 in Rutherglen
Peter Arbuckle
Andrew Arbuckle b 13 May 1839 in Rutherglen d before 1851 in Rutherglen

John Arbuckle and Janet Shaw’s children

William Arbuckle b 1821 in Rutherglen d 1890 in Rutherglen
Agnes Arbuckle b 1824 in Rutherglen
Charles Arbuckle
Marion Arbuckle
John Arbuckle b 1833 in Rutherglen
Margaret Fleet Arbuckle
Thomas Arbuckle b abt 1839 in Rutherglen

4th Generation

James Paterson and Margaret Tait’s children

Archibald Paterson
Margaret McMurray Paterson b 24 Feb 1838 in Rutherglen d bef 1854 in Rutherglen
George Paterson b 27 Mar 1840 in Rutherglen
James Paterson
Jane Paterson b 10 Sep 1848 in Rutherglen d bef 1851 in Rutherglen
Janet Paterson
Margaret Paterson b 3 Jun 1854 in Rutherglen d 10 Oct 1921 New York, USA

Helen Paterson and James John Robertson’s children

Jane Arbuckle Robertson
Alexander Robertson b Abt 1841 in Rutherglen d bef 1855
Archibald Paterson Robertson
James Robertson
John Robertson
Elizabeth Clerk Robertson
Marion Robertson b 14 Dec 1852 in Kilbirnie d 1869 in Rutherglen
Janet Robertson
Helen Robertson b 16 Jun 1857 in Rutherglen
Alexander Robertson b 3 Jan 1860 in Rutherglen
William Robertson
Peter Robertson b 17 Jan 1864 in Rutherglen d 1866 in Rutherglen

Alexander Arbuckle and Margaret Burnside’s children

Alexander Arbuckle

Marion Arbuckle and Robert Kelly/Kinlock’s children

Robert Kelly b 1850 in Glasgow
Alexander Arbuckle Kelly b 1851 in Glasgow d before 1855 in Glasgow
Elizabeth Clark Kelly
Andrew Kinloch b 25 Mar 1856 in Glasgow
Alexander Kinloch
John Kinloch

Peter Arbuckle and Catherine Simpson’s children

Catherine McCallum Arbuckle
Elizabeth Clark Arbuckle
Alexander Arbuckle
James Arbuckle b 1862 in Rutherglen d 1863 in Rutherglen
Jeanie Arbuckle
Marion Arbuckle
Peter Arbuckle b 1869 in Rutherglen d 1870 in Rutherglen
William Arbuckle b 1871 in Rutherglen d 1871 in Rutherglen
Janet Simpson Arbuckle
Peter Richardson Arbuckle
Andrew Simpson Arbuckle b 1879 in Rutherglen d 1879 in Rutherglen

Charles Arbuckle and Mary Thomson’s children

Mary Thomson Arbuckle

Margaret Fleet Arbuckle and David Reid’s children

James Reid
Janet Reid
Catherine Reid b 5 Jul 1886 in Glasgow
Marion Arbuckle Reid
Agnes Reid b 12 May 1871 in Glasgow d 1872 in Glasgow
Margaret Reid b 13 Jan 1874 in Glasgow

5th Generation

Archibald Paterson and Helen Rankin’s children

James Paterson
Agnes Paterson
Archibald Paterson b 17 Apr 1865 in Rutherglen d 1875 in Rutherglen
Margaret Paterson
Hugh Paterson b 20 Jan 1869 in Rutherglen d 1885 in Rutherglen
George Paterson b 27 Oct 1870 in Rutherglen d 1889 in Rutherglen
Helen Rankin Paterson b 24 Aug 1872 in Rutherglen d 1872 in Rutherglen
Andrew Rankin Paterson b 6 Oct 1873 in Rutherglen d 1887 in Rutherglen
Helen Rankin Paterson
Mary Tait Paterson
Isabella Naismith Paterson b 1880 in Rutherglen d 1906 in Rutherglen
Jessie Paterson

James Paterson and Rose Ann Drummond’s children

Elizabeth Paterson
Margaret Paterson
Isabella Love Paterson
Jeanie Paterson
James Paterson
Roseann Drummond Paterson

Jane Arbuckle Robertson and Thomas Allardice’s children

John Allardice
Helen Allardice b 22 Mar 1866 in Cambuslang d 1883 in Rutherglen
James Robertson Allardice
Thomas Allardice
Margaret Gourlay Allardice
Archibald Robertson Allardice
Elizabeth Allardice
Janet Allardice
William Allardice b 1880 in Rutherglen d 1926 in Motherwell
Grace Kirkwood Allardice

Archibald Paterson Robertson and Agnes Lawson’s children

James John Robertson
Margaret Thomas Robertson b 1 Nov 1870 in Rutherglen d 1885 in Glasgow
Helen Paterson Robertson b 20 Jun 1872 in Rutherglen
Robert Lawson Robertson b 29 Aug 1874 in Rutherglen d 1883 in Glasgow
John Robertson b 1878 in Cambuslang d 1882 in Glasgow

James Robertson and Agnes Miller’s children

James John Robertson
Thomas Miller Robertson
Archibald Robertson
William Baird Robertson
Agnes Baird Robertson
Helen Paterson Robertson

John Robertson and Jane Robertson Miller’s children

James John Robertson b 1874 in Rutherglen d 1890 in Rutherglen
Thomas Miller Robertson
John Robertson
Archibald Robertson
William Baird Robertson

Elizabeth Robertson and John Morton’s children

Mary Wilkie Morton b 1882 in Rutherglen d 1883 in Rutherglen
Nellie Paterson Morton b 1882 in Rutherglen d 1883 in Rutherglen

Janet Robertson and James McCallum’s children

Helen Paterson McCallum
Neil McCallum
Rachel McCallum b 1883 in Fauldhouse d 1917 in Wonthaggi, Australia
James Robertson McCallum
Archibald McCallum
John Robertson McCallum
Janet Robertson McCallum
Mary McCallum
Alexander Robertson McCallum b 1900 in Beath d 1914 in Larbert

William Robertson and Catherine Donaldson’s children

James John Robertson
John Donaldson Robertson b 1893 in Rutherglen d 1896 in Beath
Helen Paterson Robertson
Agnes Miller Robertson
William Robertson b 1905 in Beath

 Alexander Arbuckle and Agnes Brown’s children

Alexander Arbuckle 
Barbara Deans Arbuckle b 1896 in Rutherglen d 1934 in Rutherglen
William Burnside Arbuckle b 1901 in Rutherglen d 1941 in Shotts

 Alexander Arbuckle and Robina MacIndoe’s children

Jeanie Waddell Arbuckle

John Kinloch and Margaret Gardner’s children

Catherine Elizabeth Kinloch
Jane McDonald Kinloch

Catherine Arbuckle and John Kennedy’s children

Alexander Kennedy b 1880 in Rutherglen d 1886 in Rutherglen
Catherine Simpson Kennedy
Mary Paterson Kennedy
John Kennedy
Elizabeth Arbuckle Kennedy
Agnes Marion Brown Kennedy b 1896 in Rutherglen d 1902 in Rutherglen

Elizabeth Arbuckle and James Thomson’s children

James Thomson

Alexander Arbuckle and Margaret McGhee’s children

Peter Arbuckle 
 Mary Ann Arbuckle
Catherine Simpson Arbuckle
Margaret McGhee Arbuckle
Elizabeth Clark Arbuckle
Marion Kinloch Arbuckle b 1898 in Rutherglen d 1899 in Rutherglen
James McGhee Arbuckle b 1899 in Rutherglen d 1901 in Rutherglen
Janet Crawford Arbuckle 

Jeanie Arbuckle and Edward Allan’s children

Peter Allan b 1886 in Rutherglen d 1888 in Rutherglen
Alexander Allan b 1891 in Rutherglen d 1891 in Rutherglen

Marion Arbuckle and Johnston Forsyth’s children

John Forsyth
Catherine Simpson Forsyth
Peter Forsyth b 1892 in Rutherglen d 1893 in Rutherglen
Johnston Forsyth b 1893 in Rutherglen d 1919 in Shotts
James Thomson Forsyth 
Marion Arbuckle Forsyth
Elizabeth Forsyth 
Charles Forsyth
Alexander Arbuckle Forsyth b 1904 in Cambuslang d 1970 in Glasgow
Peter Arbuckle Forsyth
Robert Mitchell Forsyth

Janet Arbuckle and William Brown’s children

William Brown b 1903 in Rutherglen d 1908 in Rutherglen
Catherine Simpson Brown
Peter Arbuckle Brown
Annie White Brown b 1912in Rutherglen  d 1984 in Glasgow
John Kennedy Brown b 1915 in Rutherglen d 1981 in Rutherglen

Peter Arbuckle and Margaret Docherty’s children

Albert Arbuckle
Alexander Arbuckle b 30 Jul 1913 in St Helens d 27 Nov 1944 in Belgium

Mary Thomson Arbuckle and Robert Morton’s children

Mary Morton b 1886 in Rutherglen d 1946 in Rutherglen
James Morton
Christina Morton
Charles Morton b 1896 in Rutherglen
Robert Morton b 1899 in Rutherglen

James Reid and Mary McEwan Brown‘s children

David Reid
William Brown Reid b 1890 in Glasgow

Marion Arbuckle Reid and John Bowie Elwood’s children

John Bowie Elwood

6th Generation

James Paterson and Jane Gunning’s children

Archibald Paterson
Mary Alexander Paterson
Robert Gunning Paterson
Ellen Rankin Paterson b 1892 in Glasgow d 4 Jan 1917 in Glasgow
Maggie Gunning Paterson

Agnes Paterson and James Rankin’s children

Helen Rankin b 16 Dec 1887 in Rutherglen d 29 Jun 1963 in Saco, Maine, USA
Isabella Connelly Rankin b 24 Aug 1889 in Rutherglen d 25 Feb 1920 in Saco, Maine, USA
Samuel Rankin
Archibald Paterson Rankin
Agnes Rankin
Mary Margaret Paterson Rankin
Elizabeth Rankin b 27 Nov 1902 in Rutherglen d 19 Nov 1922 in Saco, Maine, USA

Margaret Paterson and Thomas McMillan’s children

Helen Rankin MacMillan b 13 May 1889 in Glasgow d 1954 in Biddeford, Maine, USA
Alexander MacMillan b 2 May 1892 in Glasgow d 27 Sep 1918 in France
Janet MacMillan b 15 Mar 1894 in Glasgow d 4 Apr 1973 in Biddeford, Maine, USA
Margaret Paterson MacMillan
Archibald Paterson MacMillan
Isabella Naismith Paterson MacMillan
Agnes Mary Paterson MacMillan

Helen Rankin Paterson and Robert Paterson’s children

Helen Rankin Paterson

Mary Paterson and James Jackson’s children

Jessie Paterson Jackson
John Stewart Jackson

Jessie Paterson and Thomas Henry J Oatley’s children

Ronald Henry Stewart Oatley b 31 Mar 1915 in Parry Sound, Canada d 18 Jun 1915 in Parry Sound, Canada
Jessie Paterson Oatley b 17 Apr 1916 in Parry Sound, Canada d 17 Apr 1916 in Parry Sound, Canada
Thomas Oatley b 1917 in Canada d 1917 in Canada
Raymond Oatley
Alexandria Muriel Oatley
Irene Muriel Oatley

Elizabeth Paterson’s child

Elizabeth Paterson

Margaret Paterson and Thomas McKay’s children

Rose Ann Drummond McKay
Rachel Russell McKay b 1901 in Glasgow d 1961 in Glasgow
Robert McKay b 1903 in Glasgow d 1905 in Glasgow
James Paterson McKay b 1905 in Glasgow d 1909 in Glasgow
Thomas Knox Kerr McKay
Margaret Paterson McKay
John Dale McKay b 1912 in Glasgow d 1915 in Glasgow

Isabella Love Paterson and Robert Templeton’s children

Rose Ann Drummond Templeton
John Templeton b 1899 in Rutherglen d 1964 in Rutherglen
James Paterson Templeton
Jeanie Swan Templeton
Isabella Paterson Templeton
Thomas Knox Kerr Templeton
Elizabeth Paterson Templeton

Jeanie Paterson and John Morrison’s children

Rose Ann Drummond Morrison b 1901 in Rutherglen d 1960 in Rutherglen
James Morrison
Mary McNeil Morrison
William Morrison b 1907 in Rutherglen d unknown
Donald McNeil Morrison
John Morrison b 1911 in Rutherglen d 1975 in Rutherglen

James Paterson and Jane Crawford Caldwell’s children

Isabella Paterson b 1913 in Rutherglen d 1913 in Rutherglen
James Paterson

Roseann Paterson and George Downie’s children

Rose Ann Drummond Downie b 1900 in Glasgow d 1901 in Glasgow
Margaret Arbuckle Downie b 1902 in Glasgow d 1980 in Glasgow
Robina Downie
Rose Ann Drummond Downie b 1906 in Glasgow d 1907 in Glasgow

John Allardice (Allardyce) and Elizabeth Rae’s children

Jane MacIndoe Allardice b 1888 in Rutherglen d 1888 in Rutherglen
John Allardice b 1890 in Rutherglen d 1891 in Hamilton
Elizabeth Rae Allardice b 1895 in Hamilton d 1898 in 1898 in Chester le Street, England
Archibald Robertson Allardice
Margaret Gourlay Allardice
William Allardice b 1904 in Bellshill d 12 Oct 1999 in Bellshill
John Allardice b 1907 in Bellshill d 1908 in Bellshill

James Allardice (Allardyce) and Agnes Hutton’s children

Thomas Allardice b 14 Jan 1894 in Hamilton d 13 Dec 1970 in South Bend, Indiana, USA
James Edward Allardice
 Archibald Allardice
Hector Flannigan Allardice
Robert Flannigan Allardice b 10 March 1902 in Hamilton d 24 Jun 1976 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Marion Allardice
Baby Boy Allardice b 16 Jun 1910 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA d 16 Jun 1910 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Thomas Allardice and Jeanie Paterson’s children

Jeanie Robertson Allardice
Euphemia Allardice
Thomas Allardice
John Paterson Allardice b 1900 in Blantyre d 1900 in Blantyre
Jessie Allardice b 1901 in Hamilton d 1902 in Hamilton
Helen Allardice
John Allardice
Annie Allardice b 1908 in Hamilton d 1912 in Hamilton
Margaret Allardice b 1909 in Hamilton d 1911 in Hamilton

Margaret Gourlay Allardice and Thomas Westwood’s children

Thomas Westwood
Jeanie Robertson Westwood b 1897 Blantyre d 1897 in Blantyre
James Robertson Allardice Westwood b 1898 in Blantyre d 1900 in Blantyre
Catherine Davidson Westwood
Frank Davidson Westwood
Margaret Allardice Westwood b 1903 in Blantyre d 5 Jun 1946 in Blantyre
Helen Westwood b 1906 d unknown

Archibald Allardice and Jane Phillips’ children

Thomas Allardice
Mary Forsyth Allardice
Jeanie Robertson Allardice
Marion Allardice
Archibald Robertson Allardice

Elizabeth Allardice and Fergus Osborne’s children

William Paterson Osborne b 1899 in England d 30 Jun 1956 in NZ

Janet Allardice and James Robertson’s children

Helen Allardice Robertson
Jean Muir Robertson
James Robertson
Elizabeth Allardyce Ordborne Robertson
Magdalene Robertston b 1910 in Kilmarnock d 1912 in Kilmarnock
Thomas Allardice Robertson
Janet Allardyce Robertson

Grace Allardice and John Harrison’s children

William Harrison
Jeanie Harrison
Thomas Allardyce Harrison
John Harrison
James Robertson Harrison
Sarah Harrison
Grace Kirkwood Harrison
Elizabeth Gray Hunter Harrison

James John Robertson and Margaret Carmichael’s children

 Christina Carmichael Robertson b 1896 in Glasgow d 1985 in Glasgow
Agnes Lawson Robertson
Andrew Carmichael Robertson
James John Robertson b 1908 in Glasgow d 1983 in Kirkintilloch

James Robertson and Janet Ramsay’s children

James Robertson b 1908 in Cowdenbeath d 1911 in Cowdenbeath
Colin Ramsay Robertson
Thomas Millar Robertson b 9 Jun 1920 in Cowdenbeath d 5 Jan 2014 in Thurso

Thomas Miller Robertson and Mary Inglis McGhie’s children

Mary Wallace Robertson 
Angus James Eric Robertson

Archibald Robertson and Violet Weeks’ children

James Robertson 
Roderick McIntosh Robertson

William Baird Robertson and Catherine Sherriff’s children

James Robertson 
Isabella McArthur Robertson 
William Baird Robertson 
Agnes Miller Robertson

Agnes Baird Robertson and Stewart Russell’s children

James Robertson Russell b 1907 in Shettleston d 1907 in Rutherglen
Robert Neilson Russell b 1907 in Shettleston d 1999 in East Kilbride
 Agnes Miller Russell 
William Russell 
Margaret Crichton Russell 

Helen Paterson Robertson and Adam Watson’s children

Adam Watson b 1911 in Rutherglen d 1914 in Rutherglen
James Robertson Watson 

Thomas Miller Robertson and Annie Costello McGregor’s children

Lesley/Leslie Robertson b abt 1911 in Nova Scotia, Canada d unknown

John Robertson and Mary Kerr’s children

John Robertson 

Archibald Robertson and Ann Park Campbell’s children

John Robertson 
Michael Campbell Robertson b 1904 in Rutherglen d 1974 in Mildura, Victoria, Australia
James John Robertson 
Margaret Park Robertson
Jane Robertson Robertson
Archibald Robertson b 1912 in Rutherglen d 1976 in Bellshill
Ann Park Campbell Robertson
Thomas Miller Robertson b 1918 in Rutherglen d 1985 in Glasgow

William Baird Robertson and Elizabeth Smith Forbes’ children

John Robertson b 1919 in Rutherglen d 3 Feb 1984 in Rutherglen
Charlotte Forbes Robertson  

Helen Paterson McCallum and Henry Douglas’ children

( Janet Robertson Douglas b 1905 m 1932 d 1971
( James Greig McCallum Douglas b 1906 m 1934 d 1992
( Henry Douglas b 1908 d 1908
( Neil Douglas b 1910 d 1911
( Agnes Fyfe Douglas b 1915 m 1943 d 1985

Archibald McCallum and Susannah Walker’s children

( James McCallum b 1916 m 1937 d 1984
( Richard William McCallum b 1917 m 1975 d 2013
( Archibald McCallum b 1919 m 1944 d 2002
( Mary McCallum b 1925

Mary McCallum and James Dunn’s children

( James Dunn b 1924 d 1985
( Noel Dunn b 1924 d 1924
( Jean Dunn b 1927 d 1970
( Ella Dunn b 1929 d 1986
( Betty Dunn b 1931 d 1932
( Neil Dunn b 1931 d 1949

Catherine Simpson Kennedy and Robert Belshaw’s children

( Robert Belshaw b 1903 m 1926 d 1971
( John Kennedy Belshaw b 1905 m 1935 d 1958
( Catherine Arbuckle Belshaw b 1908 d 1908
( Janet Cross Belshaw b 1909 m 1934 d 1980
( Elizabeth Kennedy Belshaw b 1911 m 1931 d 1931
( Catherine Arbuckle Belshaw b 1915 d 1917

Mary Paterson Kennedy and John Dunsmuir’s children

( Robert Dunsmuir b 1905 m 1926 d 1974
( John Dunsmuir b 1908 d 1987
( David Dunsmuir b 1910 m 1930 d 1994
( Archibald Dunsmuir b 1913 d 1972
( James Dunsmuir b 1916 d 1981
( Catherine Simpson Arbuckle Dunsmuir b 1924 d 1946

John Kennedy and Lilias Campbell Brown’s children

( John Kennedy b 1906
( William Brown Kennedy b 1908 d 1974
( Margaret Burt Kennedy b 1911 m 1931 d 1987

Elizabeth Arbuckle Kennedy and Thomas Caullay’s children

( John Caullay b 1919 d 1981

Catherine Simpson Forsyth and Thomas McInnes Porte’s children

( Marion Arbuckle Porte b 1908 m 1931 d 1985
( Elijah Porte b 1909
( Johnston Forsyth Porte b 1914 m 1936 d 1987