Alexander McKerrow 1897

Alexander McKerrow

Born: 23 Jan 1897 in Crieff
Married: 1st 1925 in New Zealand
2nd 1941 in Cuckfield, England
Died: 11 Aug 1975 in Cuckfield, England

Father: James Dickson McKerrow
Mother: Catherine Brown

Christina Wright Begg McKerrow b 1890 in Paisley d 1968 in Glasgow
Isabella Lawcock McKerrow b 1894 in Paisley d 1940 in Glasgow
Mary Henderson McKerrow
Katherine Brown McKerrow

1st Alma Mabel Hall b 1906 in New Zealand d 22 Mar 1955 in Gisborne, NZ
2nd Dorothy May Bowers b 5 May 1915 in unknown d 24 Sep 2004 in Horsham, England


Additional information: sometime between the 1911 and 1921 census Alexander changed his name to Alastair.