Burgoyne Family

My journey to trace my Burgoyne family’s roots takes me back to around 1812 in Ireland when Patrick Burgoyne was born. He later married Margaret Scott, a native of Caledon in County Tyrone. Their son, Peter, came into the world in County Cavan around 1830. Sometime between Peter’s birth and 1835, Peter and his mother made the significant journey to Ayrshire, Scotland. Regrettably, there are no records of Patrick’s presence in Scotland, leaving us to speculate that he either never made the journey across or, sadly, passed away shortly after arriving in Scotland.

1st Generation

Patrick Burgoyne and Margaret Scott

2nd Generation

Peter Burgoyne

3rd Generation

Peter Burgoyne and Annie Murphy’s children

Peter Burgoyne b 1854 in Kilmarnock d 1855 in Kilmarnock
Margaret Burgoyne
Mary Burgoyne b 1858 in Kilmarnock d 1859 in Kilmarnock
Joseph Burgoyne
Annie Burgoyne b 1861 in Kilmarnock d 1867 in Kilmarnock
Peter Burgoyne b 1864 in Kilmarnock d 1867 in Kilmarnock
Catherine Burgoyne b 1866 in Kilmarnock d 1867 in Kilmarnock
Annie Burgoyne b 1868 in Kilmarnock d 1869 in Kilmarnock
Isabella Burgoyne
Martha Burgoyne

4th Generation

Margaret Burgoyne and Thomas Paton’s children

John Paton
Isabella Paton b 1878 in Kilmarnock  d 1883 in Glasgow

Margaret Burgoyne and David Wilson McKirdy’s children

Richard McKirdy

Joseph Burgoyne and Jean McCallum’s children

Joseph Burgoyne
Daniel McCallum Burgoyne
William Straiton Burgoyne
Peter Burgoyne b 15 Jan 1891 in Glasgow d 1970 in Cockermouth
Adam Burgoyne b 1892 in Glasgow d 4 May 1917 in France
David McKirdy Stewart Burgoyne
John McKirdy Burgoyne b 1896 in Glasgow d 2 Jan 1915 in France
Jeanie Burgoyne b 1898 in Kilmarnock  d 1899 in Kilmarnock
Maggie Burgoyne
Annie Burgoyne
Mary Burgoyne
Robert Burgoyne

Isabella Burgoyne and Robert Rankin’s children

William Rankin b 1890 in Irvine
Catherine Gordon Rankin b 28 Sep 1891 in Holytown d 1893 in Blantyre
Ann Rankin b 1893 in Coatbridge
Robert Rankin b 1894 in Cambuslang d 1895 in Cambuslang
Isabella Rankin
Andrew Gilmour Rankin b 1898 in Glasgow
Mary Marshall Rankin
Sarah Gibson Rankin
Robert Rankin 1905 in Glasgow
Catherine Foy Rankin b 1907 in Glasgow d 1907 in Glasgow
Georgina Borland Rankin
Margaret Rankin b 1912 in Glasgow d 1916 in Glasgow
Martha Burgoyne Rankin

Martha Burgoyne and John McEwan’s children

Louis McEwan
Catherine McEwan b 1894 in Kilmarnock d 1939 in Rutherglen
Annie McEwan
Martha McEwan
Margaret McEwan
John McEwan
Mary McEwan b 1910 in Glasgow d 1911 in Glasgow
Elizabeth McEwan
William McEwan b 1919 in Rutherglen d 1919 in Rutherglen

For more information on the above family follow on the McEwan page

5th Generation

John Paton (McKirdy) and Mary MacFadzen Russell’s children

David McKirday
James Graham McKirday b 1905 in Stirling d 1905 in Stirling
Thomas Russell McKirday

Richard McKirdy and Jane Grainger Gowans’ children

Jessie Rew MacKellan McKirdy b 1916 in Glasgow d 1918 in Glasgow
Margaret Burgoyne McKirdy
David Wilson McKirdy

Daniel McCallum Burgoyne and Annie Cummings Crombie’s children

Margaret Blain Burgoyne
Annie Cummings Crombie Burgoyne

William Straiton Burgoyne and Angelina McCauley Cook’s children

Jeanie Burgoyne b 21 Oct 1919 in Kilmarnock d 21 Jun 1971 in Calgary, Alberta
William Straiton Burgoyne
Bernard Allen Burgoyne
Angelina Cook Burgoyne
Annie Harvey Burgoyne b 1934 in Calgary, Alberta d 7 Feb 2003 in Calgary, Alberta
Mary Jane Burgoyne
Robert Burgoyne b 1940 in Calgary, Alberta d 23 Mar 2008 in Calgary, Alberta

David Burgoyne and Agnes Howatson Haper’s children

Joseph Harper Straiton Burgoyne b 1922 in Kilmarnock d 1923 in Kilmarnock
David McCurdie Stewart Burgoyne

Maggie Burgoyne and Charles McGranaghan’s children

Jeanie Harvie McCallum McGranaghan b 1918 in Kilmarnock
Adam Harvie McGranaghan b 1920 in Kilmarnock

Annie Burgoyne and James Graham Drummond’s children

Jeanie Harvey McCallum Drummond

Mary Burgoyne and Ronald Brown’s children

John Burgoyne Brown b 18 Dec 1921 in Taylorton, Canada d 26 Apr 2007 in Winnipeg
Ronald Hector McDonald Brown
Male Brown b 1927 in Ontario, Canada
Robert McCallum Brown

Mary Burgoyne and Attar Singh’s children

Female Singh b 1931 in Winnipeg
Pauline Ann Singh b 1937 in Winnipeg d 2012 in Winnipeg
Female Singh b 1942 in Winnipeg

Isabella Rankin and Edward Taylor’s children

Nellie Wilson Taylor b 1918 in Glasgow d 2010 in Glasgow
Thomas Wilson Taylor b 1919 in Glasgow d 1982 in Glasgow
Robert Rankin Taylor b 1921 in Glasgow d 1922 in Glasgow
Isabella Rankin Taylor b 1927 in Glasgow d 2011 in Glasgow

6th Generation

David McKirday and Marguerite Bayne’s children

David McKirday b 1933 in Glasgow d 1995 in Cupar

Angeline Burgoyne and Kenneth Gerlitz’s children

Lawrence Kenneth Gerlitz b 1953 in Calgary, Canada d 13 Sep 1991 in Calgary, Canada
Brian William Gertlitz b 25 Oct 1960 in Calgary, Canada d 8 Jan 2009 in Calgary, Canada

Jeanie Drummond and Carl Weaver’s children

Carl Kenneth Weaver b 1 Jun 1940 in Michigan d 31 Dec 1970 in Los Angeles
James Edward Weaver b 14 Mar 1944 in Michigan d 28 Aug 2006 in Bremerton, USA