Isabella Burgoyne 1871

Isabella Burgoyne

Born: 1871 in Kilmarnock
Married: 1888 in Irvine
Died: 1948 in Glasgow

Father: Peter Burgoyne
Mother: Annie Murphy

Peter Burgoyne b 1854 in Kilmarnock d 1855 in Kilmarnock
Margaret Burgoyne
Mary Burgoyne b 1858 in Kilmarnock d 1859 in Kilmarnock
Joseph Burgoyne
Annie Burgoyne b 1861 in Kilmarnock d 1867 in Kilmarnock
Peter Burgoyne b 1864 in Kilmarnock d 1867 in Kilmarnock
Catherine Burgoyne b 1866 in Kilmarnock d 1867 in Kilmarnock
Annie Burgoyne b 1868 in Kilmarnock d 1869 in Kilmarnock
Martha Burgoyne

Robert Rankin b abt 1870

William Rankin b 1890 in Irvine
Catherine Gordon Rankin b 28 Sep 1891 in Holytown d 1893 in Blantyre
Ann Rankin b 1893 in Coatbridge
Robert Rankin b 1894 in Cambuslang d 1895 in Cambuslang
Isabella Rankin
Andrew Gilmour Rankin b 1898 in Glasgow
Mary Marshall Rankin
Sarah Gibson Rankin
Robert Rankin 1905 in Glasgow
Catherine Foy Rankin b 1907 in Glasgow d 1907 in Glasgow
Georgina Borland Rankin
Margaret Rankin b 1912 in Glasgow d 1916 in Glasgow
Martha Burgoyne Rankin

Additional information: 
I am unable to confirm that the Isabella from my family is 100% the Isabella that married Robert Rankin as there is no father recorded on the marriage certificate and her mother’s name is incorrect. However there were no other Isabella Burgoynes born at this time in Kilmarnock.