Jeanie Harvey McCallum Drummond

Jeanie Harvey McCallum Drummond

Born: 9 Oct 1918 in Kilmarnock
Married: 21 Jun 1939 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Died: 10 Oct 2000 in Michigan, USA

Father: James Graham Drummond
Mother: Annie Burgoyne

Mary McEwan Drumond b 1922 in Kilmarnock d 1923 in Kilmarnock
Isabella Drummond b 1924 in Kilmarnock d 1992 in Kilmarnock
William McEwan Drummond b 1927 in Kilmarnock d 1928 in Kilmarnock
James McEwan Drummond b 1929 in Kilmarnock d 1992 in Kilmarnock

Carl Henry Weaver b 16 Dec 1916 in Brown City, Michigan d 26 Oct 1980 in Cheboygan, Michigan, USA


Additional information: Following the death of her mother Jeanie was adopted by her great uncle and his wife (James Graham and Rebecca Wood). The family emigrated to America in 1922.