John Head 1852

John Head

Born: Abt 1852 in Paisley
Married: 1887 in Sydenham, Ontario
Died: 1949 Annan, Grey County, Ontario

Father: George Eads
Mother: Christina McInnes

 Ann/Agnes Head
Mary Head
Christina Head
Donald Head
Neil Head b 1859 in Glasgow d 1900 in Glasgow
Christina/Catherine Head b 1861 in Glasgow d 1863 in Glasgow

Catherine McMartin b 12 Mar 1863 in Ontario, Canada d 1951 in Sydenham, Ontario, Canada

George Charles Ead b 1889 d 1920
Malcolm Ernest Ead b 1891 d 1895
John Malcolm Ead b 1904 d 1980

Additional information: although  the family in Scotland used the surname Head, John reverted to Ead in Canada.