Houston Family


The Houston (Hustin) family can be traced back to Patrick Houston who was born in Dromena, County Down, Ireland around 1849. His parents were John Houston and Eliza Collins. Patrick emigrated to Scotland sometime before 1871.

1st Generation

Patrick Houston and Mary Ann Kinsella (Kincheler, Costello)

2nd Generation

Patrick Houston and Mary Ann Kinsella’s children

John Houston b 9 Apr 1874 in Glasgow d 1875 in Glasgow
Elizabeth Houston
James Houston
Christopher Houston
Jane Houston
Daniel Patrick Houston

3rd Generation

Elizabeth Houston and Daniel Moscardini’s children

Francis Dominic Moscardini
Patrick Houston Moscardini b 1900 in Glasgow d 1914 in Smyllum Orphanage, Lanark
Daniel Moscardini b 1902 in Glasgow d 1903 in Glasgow
John Moscardini b 1906 in Glasgow d 1906 in Glasgow
Daniel Houston Moscardini b 1908 in Glasgow d 1908 in Glasgow

Elizabeth Houston’s children

Robert Houston or Moscardini b 1911 in Glasgow d 1911 in Glasgow

James Houston and Isabella McNamara’s children

Mary Ann Freeman Houston b 1899 in Glasgow d 1984 in Largs
James Houston
Isabella Houston b 1904 in Glasgow d 1933 in Glasgow
Margaret Houston
John Houston b 1914 in Glasgow d 1976 in Glasgow

Christopher Houston and Maggie Horn’s children

Christopher Houston b 1901 in Glasgow d 1901 in Glasgow
Margaret Horn Houston b 1904 in Glasgow d 1904 in Glasgow

Christopher Houston and Mary Ann Kincheler Murray’s children

Mary Ann Houston
Christopher Houston b 1920 in Glasgow d 1920 in Glasgow

4th Generation

Francis Dominic Moscardini and Pamela Gough Corbett’s children

Francis Dominic Moscardini
Andrew Corbett Moscardini b 1922 in Glasgow d 2006 in Glasgow

Margaret Houston and John Conlin’s children

Living Conlin
Margaret Conlin