Ebenzer Hunter 1850

Ebenezer Hunter

Born: 18 Jun 1850 in Stevenson
Married: 1875 in Newport, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 7 May 1891 in Winton, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas Hunter
Mother: Helen Butters

Christina Thomson Hunter
Helen Hunter b abt 1852 in Stevenson d 1870 in Glasgow
John Dryburgh Hunter
Margaret Hunter
Mary Hunter
Jean Hunter
Agnes Hunter b 1863 in Denny d 1864 in Denny
William Hunter
Thomas Hunter b 1866 in Denny d 1866 in Denny

Mary Jane Backhouse b 9 Nov 1853 in Jersey, British Isles d 1925 in Pennsylvania, USA

John Hunter b 1875 in Newport, Pennsylvania, USA d 1875 Newport, Pennsylvania, USA
Hannah Florence Hunter
Helen Christine Hunter
William E Hunter b 17 Mar 1884 in Pennsylvania, USA d 26 Apr 1884 in Newport, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary (Marion) Hunter
Jeanette May Hunter b 1 May 1888 in Winton, Pennsylvania, USA  d 1972 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret May Hunter b 1 May 1888 n Winton, Pennsylvania, USA  d 20 Aug 1943 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
Mabel Charlotte Ebenetta Hunter

Additional information: At the time of his premature death, Ebenezer held the position of foreman at the Mount Jessup Coal Company in Winton. Tragically, his life was cut short in a harrowing accident. The catastrophic event unfolded as four laden mine cars, ascending a slope, suffered a chain failure, causing them to careen uncontrollably down the hill. Despite his best efforts, Ebenezer was unable to reach safety in time, and he succumbed to the impact of the descending cars.