Robert Lynch 1837

Robert Lynch

Born: abt 1837 in Kilmarnock
Married: 1 Jun 1860 in Kilmarnock
Died: 1892 in Glasgow

Father: John Lynch
Mother: Margaret Bruce

Margaret Lynch
Catherine Lynch
James Lynch b 1839 in Kilmarnock d unknown
John Lynch b 1843 in Kilmarnock d unknown
Eliza Lynch b 1849 in Kilmarnock d unknown

Margaret McNeil b abt 1841 in Kilmarnock d 1889 in Glasgow

James McNeil b 10 Aug 1859 in Kilmarnock d bef 1861 in Ayrshire
Jane Lynch b 14 Jun 1861 in Kilmaurs d 1861 in Kilmaurs
Agnes Lynch b 28 Oct 1863 in Kilmarnock d 1863 in Kilmarnock
Robert Lynch
James McNeil Lynch b 23 Oct 1867 in Glasgow d 1903 in Glasgow
Agnes Lynch b 26 Jan 1870 in Glasgow d 1870 in Glasgow
Margaret Bruce Lynch b 3 Aug 1871 in Glasgow d 1880 in Glasgow
John Lynch b 4 Jan 1874 in Glasgow d 1878 in Glasgow
Catherine Lynch b 1876 in Glasgow d 1892 in Glasgow
Elizabeth Bruce Lynch

Additional information: sometime between 1861 and 1871 Robert changed his surname to Bruce.