My connection to the Straiton family originates with Joseph Straiton, the son of Margaret Scott and the half-brother of Peter Burgoyne. Joseph’s father, also named Joseph, was born circa 1811 in Ayrshire. Joseph senior married Ann Hay with whom he went on to father several more children.

1st Generation

Joseph Straiton

2nd Generation

Joseph Straiton and Margaret McGarvie’s children (1st family)

Joseph Straiton b 8 Jun 1862 in Kilmarnock d 1863 in Kilmarnock
William Straiton
James Straiton b 2 Jul 1868 in Glasgow d 1868 in Glasgow
Catherine Straiton
Elizabeth Wilson Straiton b 16 Oct 1871 in Glasgow d bef 1874 in Glasgow

Joseph Straiton and Elizabeth Bridge’s children (2nd family)

Mary Straiton
Elizabeth Straiton

3rd Generation

Joseph Straiton 
Henry Stration b 1889 in Glasgow d 1889 in Glasgow
Mary Straiton 
Margaret Straiton
William Straiton
James Straiton 
Elizabeth Dickson Straiton
Alice Straiton
Isabella Straiton