Lynch Family


John Lynch was born in Ireland, around 1802. Little is known about his parents other than his father was also called John Lynch. He married Margaret Bruce, born around 1810 in Ireland to John Bruce and Margaret Kearney, on May 12, 1830, in Ballyboy, County Offaly, Ireland.

Shortly after their wedding, John and Margaret decided to leave Ireland and start a new life in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. John initially worked as a farm laborer, but he later found a job in a brickworks.

During their time in Kilmarnock, they had six children, all born in the town.

In 1872, Margaret  passed away, leaving behind her husband, John, and their children. Eight years later, in 1880, John also passed away.

1st Generation

John Lynch and Margaret Bruce

2nd Generation

John Lynch and Margaret Bruce’s children

Margaret Lynch
Catherine Lynch
Robert Lynch
James Lynch b 1839 in Kilmarnock d unknown
John Lynch b 1843 in Kilmarnock d unknown
Eliza Lynch b 1849 in Kilmarnock d unknown

3rd Generation

Margaret Lynch and George Wallace’s children

George Wallace b 10 Aug 1857 in Kilmarnock d 1858 in Kilmarnock
Jemima Wallace b 16 Nov 1863 in Kilmarnock d 1864 in Kilmarnock
James Wallace

Catherine Lynch and Matthew Murray’s children

Margaret Murray b abt 1853 in Kilmarnock d 1872 in Kilmarnock

Catherine Lynch and William McEwan’s children

Robert McEwan
Ellen McEwan b 1863 in Kilmarnock
William McEwan b 1865 in Galston d 1868 in Newmilns
Hugh McEwan b 1867 in St Quiver d 1869 in Newmilns
John McEwan
Margaret McEwan b 1873 in Loudon d 1868 in Loudon
Sarah Jane McEwan b 1873 in Loudon d 1868 in Kilmarnock
Neilly McEwan

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Robert Lynch and Margaret McNeil’s children

James McNeil b 10 Aug 1859 in Kilmarnock d bef 1861 in Ayrshire
Jane Lynch b 14 Jun 1861 in Kilmaurs d 1861 in Kilmaurs
Agnes Lynch b 28 Oct 1863 in Kilmarnock d 1863 in Kilmarnock
Robert Lynch
James McNeil Lynch b 23 Oct 1867 in Glasgow d 1903 in Glasgow
Agnes Lynch b 26 Jan 1870 in Glasgow d 1870 in Glasgow
Margaret Bruce Lynch b 3 Aug 1871 in Glasgow d 1880 in Glasgow
John Lynch b 4 Jan 1874 in Glasgow d 1878 in Glasgow
Catherine Lynch b 1876 in Glasgow d 1892 in Glasgow
Elizabeth Bruce Lynch

4th Generation

Robert Lynch and Isabella Roy Craigie’s children

Margaret McNeil Bruce b 1888 in Glasgow d unknown
Robert Bruce b 1890 in Glasgow d 1893 in Glasgow
Duncan Cameron Bruce
Marion Craigie Bruce b 1903 in Glasgow d 1912 in Glasgow

Elizabeth Bruce Lynch and William Douglas Lynch’s children

Catherine Lynch
Margaret McGrath Lynch

5th Generation

Catherine Lynch and John Hislop Crawford’s children

James Crawford

Margaret McGrath Lynch and Austin John George’s children

Margaret Hamilton George