McInnes Family


The lineage of my McInnes family can be traced back to around 1728, with the birth of Neil McInnes in North Uist. Although the details of Neil’s marriage partner remain unknown, they had at least one son named Donald, who wed Ann MacQuien. Their son, Angus, is the earliest documented member of the family. Angus, like his predecessors, lived as a crofter on the island, continuing the traditional occupation that had sustained the family for generations.

1st Generation

Angus McInnes 

2nd Generation

Angus McInnes and Catherine McAuley’s children (1s family)

Marion McInnes

Angus McInnes and Ann MacDonald’s children (2nd family) 

Donald McInnes b 1816 in North Uist d 1895 in North Uist
Mary McInnes b 1818 in North Uist d 1903 in North Uist
Christina McInnes

3rd Generation

Marion McInnes and Norman McIssac’s children

Ann McIsaac
Marion McIsaac
Alexander McIsaac
Catherine McIsaac
Angus McIsaac
Catherine McIsaac
Julia McIsaac
Mary McIsaac

Christina McInnes and George Eads’ children

 Ann/Agnes Head
Mary Head
John Head
Christina Head
Donald Head
Neil Head b 1859 in Glasgow d 1900 in Glasgow
Christina/Catherine Head b 1861 in Glasgow d 1863 in Glasgow

For more information on the above family follow on the Eads family page

4th Generation

Ann McIsaac and Ewen MacDougall’s children

Donald MacDougall b 1853 in North Uist d 1934 in North Uist
Marion MacDougall b 1862 in North Uist d 1905 in North Uist 
Marion MacDougall