Brown (Ayrshire)

Brown Family 


The Brown family’s lineage begins with Peter Brown, born around 1781 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland. In 1804, he married Margaret Dykes, a native of Dundonald, and they had ten children, all born in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. Margaret, born on February 13, 1789, in Sorn, Ayrshire, was the daughter of James Dykes and Margaret Reid who married on 22 Apr 1788 in Sorn.
Margaret passed away before the 1841 census. In 1841, Peter was still alive and living with his son Thomas and Thomas’s family in Kilmaurs. He was listed as a servant, likely working in the pub managed by his son Thomas, who was the publican.
Peter can’t be located in the 1851 census, so it’s reasonable to assume he passed away between 1841 and 1851.

Ist Generation

Peter Brown and Margaret Dykes

2nd Generation

Mary Brown b 29 Jul 1804 in Dundonald
Thomas Brown
Jean Brown
Margaret Dykes Brown b 19 Jul 1810 in Dundonald d 1906 in Bishopton
Peter Brown
Helen Brown
Janet Brown b 1817 in Kilmaurs d unknown
Robertina Brown
James Brown b 1821 in Kilmaurs d unknown
Elizabeth b 1823 in Kilmaurs d unknown

3rd Generation

Thomas Brown and Mary Ann Hay Andrews’ children

Ann Hay Brown b 16 May 1837 in Kilmaurs d unknown
Margaret Dykes Brown
Peter Brown b about 1844 in Dundonald d unknown
Thomas Brown

Jean Brown and William Brown’s children

William Brown b abt 1833 in Troon d 1900 in Glasgow
Margaret Brown

Peter Brown and Catherine McGregor’s children

Peter Brown
Archibald Campbell Brown
James Brown b 1843

Peter Brown and Mary Henderson’s children

Catherine Brown
Robert David Brown
William Brown

Helen Brown and William Reid’s children (first family)

William Reid b 22 May 1844 in Cairneyhill d unknown
Margaret Reid
Christian Reid b abt 1848 in Dunfermline
Peter Reid b abt 1851 in Dunfermline d 1862 in Dunfermline

Helen Brown and Alexander Stewart’s children (second family)

Helen Stewart b abt 1856 in Glasgow d unknown

Robertina Brown and James McLean’s children

John McLean b 184 in Erskine d unknown
Peter McLean b 1842 in Erskine d unknown
Margaret Dykes McLean
James Brown McLean b 1847 in Erskine d bef 1851
Jean McLean b 1852 in Johnstone d 1939 in Paisley
Elizabeth McLean
Jessie McLean
William McLean b 1859 in Johnstone d 1859 in Johnstone
Mary McLean

4th  Generation

Margaret Dykes Brown and William Blair’s children

Archibald Blair
Thomas Brown Blair

Thomas Brown and Margaret Scott’s children

Thomas Brown b 7 Apr 1872 in Paisley d 1945 in Glasgow
John Scott Brown b 7 Jul 1873 in Glasgow d 1875 in Glasgow
Ann Robertson Brown b 29 Aug 1874 in Glasgow d 1953 in Paisley
Nathaniel Scott Brown
Donald Cameron Brown
Maggie Scott Brown
John Millen Brown

Thomas Brown and Janet White McLure’s children

James Brown

Peter Brown and Elizabeth Dunlop’s children

Helen Brown
Catherine Brown b 1864 in Houston d unknown
Elizabeth Brown b 1866 in Dreghorn d unknown
Ann Brown b 21 Feb 1868 in Dreghorn d 1871 in Dreghorn
Jane Brown b 29 Jul 1869 in Dreghorn d unknown
Janet Brown
Peter Brown
John Brown b 1879 in Dreghorn d unknown
Annie Brown b 1880 d 1917 in Linwood
Robertina Brown

Archibald Campbell Brown and Mary Park’s children

 Elizabeth McNeil Brown
Catherine Brown b 1863 in Erskine d 1896 in Glasgow
Mary Brown b 1865 d unknown
Peter Brown
Jane Brown b 15 Nov 1868 in Erksine d 18 Nov 1916 in Bishopton
Williamina Park Brown b 4 Jan 1871 in Erskine d 8 Oct 1960 in London, England
Archibald Brown
William Brown b 7 Dec 1874 in Erskine d 1882 in Erskine
Margaret Brown b 1880 in Erskine d unknown

Catherine Brown and James Dickson McKerrow’s children

Christina Wright Begg McKerrow b 1890 in Paisley d 1968 in Glasgow
Isabella Lawcock McKerrow b 1894 in Paisley d 1940 in Glasgow
Mary Henderson McKerrow
Alexander (Alistair) McKerrow
Katherine Brown McKerrow

Robert David Brown and Janet Logan Miller’s children

Mary Lang Henderson Brown
William Brown
James Miller Brown
Robert Brown
Ivie Brown b 1907 in Muiravonside d 1989 in Stirling

Margaret Dykes McLean’s children

Robertina Steel McLean b 1863 in Paisley d 1935 in Paisley

Jessie McLean and John Niven Anderson’s children

John Anderson b 1886 in Paisley
James McLean Anderson
Robert Smith  Anderson
William Anderson b 1897 in Paisley

Mary McLean and William Pattison’s children

Robertina Brown Pattison
William Pattison
James McLean Pattison

5th  Generation

Archibald Blair and Isabella Scott’s children

William Blair

Thomas Brown Blair and Rachel McGready’s children

William Duncan Blair b 1894 in Glasgow d 1907 in Lenzie
Thomas Blair

Nathaniel Scott Brown and Christina Walker’s children

Maggie Whitehill Brown b 1901 in Paisley d 1989 in Paisley
Thomas Brown
Annie Robertson Brown
William Walker Brown
Janet Walker Brown

Donald Cameron Brown and Elizabeth Welsh’s children

Mary Welsh Brown
Elizabeth Welsh Brown b 1906 in Paisley d 1911 in Paisley
Annie Robertson Brown b 1908 in Paisley d 1911 in Paisley
Thomas Brown b 1910 in Paisley d 1994 in Paisley
William Welsh Brown
Helen Welsh Brown

Peter Brown and Mary Murray Gordon’s children

Mary Brown
Catherine Brown
Peter Brown
John Gordon Brown b 1917 in Glasgow d 1917 in Glasgow
Joseph Reid Brown b 1918 in Glasgow d 1919 in Glasgow
James Gordon Brown
Elizabeth Brown b 1925 in Glasgow d 1927 in Glasgow
Robina Brown b 1928 in Glasgow d 1929 in Glasgow
Gordon Brown

Robertina Brown and Andrew MacLure’s children

William Brown MacLure b 1905 in Glasgow d 1906 in Glasgow
Elizabeth Brown MacLure
Mary Ann Hawkin MacLure
Andrew MacLure b 1916 in Glasgow d 1984 in Kirkcudbright

Elizabeth McNeil Brown and John Williamson’s children

Mary Park Williamson

Peter Brown and Helen Brock Adam’s children

Archibald Campbell Brown b 1893 in Erskine d 25 Nov 1946 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
James Davidson Adam Brown
Edith Mary Park Brown
Peter McGregor Brown b 1899 in Dreghorn d 1983 in Kilmarnock
George Virtue Brown
Walter Scott Brown
Catherine McGregor Brown

Archibald Brown and Nancy Brown Torrance’s children

Archibald Campbell Brown
Elizabeth Evelyn Barr Brown b 1898 in Lesmahagow d unknown
Frederick Andrew Brown
John Laurance Brown MBE

Mary Henderson McKerrow and Robert Crawford’s children

Lawrence James Crawford
Alastair Robertson Crawford

Katherine Brown McKerrow and Robert Nicol Thomson’s children

Robert Duncan Cameron Thomson b 12 Mar 1935 in Glasgow d 28 Nov 2011 in Glasgow

Robert Smith Anderson and Agnes Powell Renfrew’s children

John Niven Anderson b 1915 in Paisley d 1996 in Paisley
Robert Jackson Anderson b 1919 in Paisley d 2 Apr 2010 in Ross-on-Wye, England

William Blair and Katie Morrison’s children

Archibald Donald Morrison Blair
Donald Iain Morrison Blair
Calum McLeod Blair

James Davidson Brown and Jessie Adair’s children

Peter Campbell Brown b 1920 in Kilmarnock d 1946 in Kilwinning
William Adair Brown
James Adam Brown
Agnes Strathern Brown
Helen Edith Brown

Archibald Campbell Brown and Sara Williamson Henry’s children

Elspeth Mary Campbell Brown
Doreen Campbell Brown
Henry Campbell Brown b 14 Mar 1924 in Chester-le-Street, Durham, England d 2 Feb 2007 in North Hants, Hampshire, England