Hunter Family

The Hunter family’s lineage can be traced back to approximately 1751, with Thomas Hunter, born around that era, though there is no existing record to confirm this. On 11 May 1776, Thomas tied the knot with Elspeth Thomson, and together they brought eight children into the world, all of whom were born in Dysart, Fife.

Among their offspring, Ebenezer, the second youngest, came into the world on May 30, 1797. Ebenezer would later wed Christian Thomson, and their union bore a son, who was aptly named after Ebenezer’s own father, Thomas. Ebenezer’s occupation was that of a coal miner, a profession that often necessitated migration in search of employment opportunities. Sometime between 1799 and 1841, the Hunter family relocated to Lightburn, Glasgow. Subsequently, between 1841 and 1851, they made yet another move, settling in Dalry, Ayrshire. Regrettably, records of either Ebenezer or Christian’s deaths remain elusive. Thus, it is presumed that both passed away between 1851 and 1855.

1st Generation

Thomas Hunter and Elspeth Thomson

2nd Generation

Thomas Hunter and Elspeth Thomson’s children

William Hunter
Thomas Hunter b 12 Mar 1779 in Dysart
John Hunter b 11 Jan 1781 in Dysart
Elizabeth Hunter b 6 Nov 1786 in Dysart
Jean Hunter b 21 Dec 1791 in Dysart
Burt Hunter b 21 Feb 1794 in Dysart
Ebenezer Hunter
Robert Hunter b 6 Sep 1799 in Dysart

3rd Generation

Ebenezer Hunter and Christina Thomson’s children

Thomas Hunter

4th Generation

Thomas Hunter and Helen Butters’ children

Christina Thomson Hunter
Ebenezer Hunter
Helen Hunter b abt 1852 in Stevenson d 1870 in Glasgow
John Dryburgh Hunter
Margaret Hunter
Mary Hunter
Jean Hunter
Agnes Hunter b 1863 in Denny d 1864 in Denny
William Hunter
Thomas Hunter b 1866 in Denny d 1866 in Denny