Head Family

The Head family’s lineage can be traced back to the early 1800s on the island of Islay. During this period, their surname was recorded as “Eads.” As time passed, some members of the family adopted the surname “Head,” while others chose “Heads.” Some later generations changed the name to “Hood”.

The family’s roots can be traced to John Eads and Mary Ferguson. John, according to family lore, had a seafaring background, with rumors suggesting that he hailed from either England or Wales. This assertion aligns with the name’s English origins, as both “Ead” and “Head” have roots in English etymology.

Mary was born in Kilmeny, Islay, to her parents John Ferguson and Ann McDonald, grounding her heritage firmly on the island.

Unfortunately, John passed away before the year 1841, and Mary followed in 1869. Together, they brought eight children into the world, as detailed in the family group record. Remarkably, almost all of their offspring departed Islay during their youth, likely due to the pressures of the Highland Clearances. While the Clearances on Islay may not have been as tumultuous as in other regions, characterized by the absence of soldiers and house burnings, they still compelled people to seek new opportunities elsewhere to make a sustainable living.

The children embarked on their new lives initially in Paisley, with only one of them choosing to remain on the island. They later  ventured to various locations, including Kilbarchan, Greenock, Glasgow, and even as far as Canada.

1st Generation

John Eads and Mary Ferguson

2nd Generation

Archibald Eads
George Eads
Neil Eads
John Eads b 1820 in Kilmeny d bef 1827 in Kilmeny
Mary Eads b 1823 in Kilmeny d bef 1830 in Kilmeny
Alexander Eads
John Eads
Mary or Ann Eads

3rd Generation

Archibald Eads and Flora McDonald’s children

Catherine Eads
Mary Ann Eads
John Eads b Abt 1847 in Ontario, Canada d 17 Aug 1868 in Sydenham, Ontario, Canada
Archibald Eads b abt 1850 in Ontario, Canada d 27 Jan 1882 in Annan, Ontario, Canada
Anabella Eads
Flora Eads b 5 Apr 1855 Ontario, Canada d 16 Dec 1943 in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

George Eads and Christina McInnes’ children

 Ann/Agnes Head
Mary Head
John Head
Christina Head
Donald Head
Neil Head b 1859 in Glasgow d 1900 in Glasgow
Christina/Catherine Head b 1861 in Glasgow d 1863 in Glasgow

Neil Eads and Janet Trotter’s children

 John Head
George Head
Archibald Head b abt 1854 in Johnstone d 1879 in Paisley
Janet Head b 1858 in Kilbarchan d 1858 in Kilbarchan

Neil Eads and Agnes Ferguson’s children

Janet Head
Neil Head
William Ferguson Head
Mary Head b 1867 in Kilbarchan d 1875 in Kilbarchan
Agnes Ferguson Head b 1872 in Kilbarchan d unknown
Marion Ferguson Head b 1875 in Kilbarchan d 1875 in Kilbarchan

Alexander Eads and Catherine McIntyre’s children

Alexander Heads b abt 1853 in Kilchoman d 1877 at sea
Mary Heads
Anne Heads b 1858 in Kildalton d 1868 in Port Ellen
John Heads
Archibald Heads
George Heads b 1866 in Port Ellen d 1866 in Kildalton
Neil Heads b 1866 in Port Ellen d 1866 in Kildalton
George Heads
Neil Heads b 1871 in Kildalton d 1953 in Bowmore

John Eads and Flora Campbell’s children

John Eads b 1854 in Paisley d 1855 in Greenock
Angus Eads
John Eads
Christina Eads
Mary Eads

Mary/Ann Eads and John McDonald’s children

John McDonald
Neil McDonald b 1855 in Paisley d 1873 in Paisley
Agnes McDonald
Mary McDonald
Lachlan McDonald
Archibald McDonald
Flora McDonald b 1865 in Paisley d 1866 in Paisley
Jean McDonald b 1867 in Paisley d 1873 in Paisley
Maggie McDonald b 1869 in Paisley d 1877 in Paisley
Donald McDonald b 1872 in Paisley d 1875 in Paisley

4th Generation

Catherine Eads and Archibald Campbell’s children

Isabella Campbell
Archibald John Campbell

Mary Ann Eads and James McLean’s children

Mary Margaret McLean

Anabella Eads and John McDonald’s children

William Archibald McDonald
Arthur Welsley McDonald
James Herbert McDonald
John McDonald
Flora McDonald b 1891 in Sydenham, Ontario, Canada d 1947 in Ontario, Canada

Ann Head and Roderick Johnson’s children

Euphemia Johnson

Mary Head and John Miller’s children

Janet Baillie Miller
George Heed Miller b 1882 in Glasgow d 1972 in Dundee
Andrew Hardie Miller b 1883 in Glasgow d 1902 in Dunfermline

John Head and Catherine McMartin’s children

George Charles Ead b 2 Mar 1889 in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada d 7 Mar 1920 in Grey, Ontario, Canada
Malcolm Ernest Ead b 1891 11 Jun 1891 in Grey, Ontario, Canada d 1895 in Grey, Ontario, Canada
John  Malcolm Ead

Christina Head and Alexander Arthur’s children

Annie Arthur

Donald Head and Grace Anderson’s children

Angus Head
George Head
John Head
Mary Head
Neil  Head

John Head and Mary Sproule’s children

Douglas Norris Head b 5 Mar 1874 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada d 21 Apr 1874 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

George Head and Margaret Sproule’s children

John Alexander Head

Janet Head’s children

Sarah Ferguson Head
William Head

Janet Head and William Wooler’s children

Margaret Wooler 
Agnes Wooler b 21 Jan 1896 in New York, USA  d 1986 in Youngstown, Ohio, USA
William Wooler 

William Ferguson Head and Margaret Corbett’s children

Janet Ferguson Head
Neil Head
Agnes Ferguson Head b 30 Mar 1889 in Newark, New Jersey, USA  d 10 May 1906 in Manhattan, New York, USA
Sarah Ferguson Head b 29 Mar 1891 in New York, USA d 25 May 1897 in New York, USA
Margaret Head
Marion Head
Mary Head
William Head

Mary Heads children

Duncan Heads b 1879 in Kildalton d 1881 in Kildalton
Neil Heads
Duncan Heads
James Heads b 1885 in Kildalton d 1885 in Kildalton*
Annie Heads

*James and Duncan, twins by birth, share a historical record of the death in 1885, registered under Duncan’s christian name. However, there is lack of additional records for James, while Duncan seems to have survived, marrying and eventually dying at a later date.

John Heads and Mary Johnston’s children

Margaret Heads b 1885 in Kildalton
Alexander Heads
John Heads
Mary Heads
Neil Heads

Archibald Heads and Mary MacFadyen’s children

Alexander Heads b 9 May 1891 in Kildalton d 1964 in Kilmore
Catherine Heads b 1892 in Kildalton d 1945 in Kildalton
Archibald Heads

George Heads and Betsy McCuaig’s children

Margaret Heads
Alexander Peter Heads
Neil Heads b 1899 in Glasgow d 1900 in Glasgow
Catherine Heads b 1901 in Glasgow d 1921 in Glasgow
Mary Heads b 1903 in Glasgow d 1905
Annie Heads

Angus Eads and Jane Coats’ children

Janet Montgomery Eads
Alexander Campbell Eads
John Eads b 1881 in Greenock d 1881 in Greenock
Flora Campbell Eads
Angus Eads b 1884 in Greenock d 1911 in Greenock
Jane Arthur Eads b 1887 in Greenock d 1896 in Greenock
Mary Eads
Christina Eads
Sarah Eads b 1894 in Greenock d 1911 in Greenock
Dugald Coats Eads
Margaret Eads b 1902 in Greenock d 1929 in Greenock

Christina Eads and Edward Adams’ children

Robert Adams
John Adams b 1887 in Greenock d 1897 in Greenock
David Adams b 1888 in Partick d 1918 in Greenock
Edward Adams
Angus Adams
Joseph Adams b 1896 in Greenock d 9 Apr 1917 in France

Mary Eads and Peter Love’s children

Margaret Adam Love 
Flora Campbell Love
Janet Adam Love b 1891 in Paisley  d 1905 in Paisley
Mary Love b 1894  in Paisley d 1946 in Barrhead
Adamina Love b 1897 in Paisley d 1968 in Johnstone
James-Mima Dick Love

John McDonald and Agnes Gray’s children

Flora McDonald b 1885 in Paisley d 1927 in Paisley

Agnes McDonald and James Dick’s children 

Jane Dick b 1880 in Paisley d 1881 in Paisley
Mary McDonald Dick b 1881 in Paisley d unknown

Mary McDonald and Thomas McGill’s children

Mary McDonald McGill
Agnes Muir McGill b 1890 in Saltcoats d 1910 in Glasgow

Archibald McDonald and Mary Liddell’s children

Mary McDonald b 1895 in Alva d unknown

5th Generation

Isabella Campbell and William John Hawkins’ children

William Archibald Hawkins
Alfred Colin Hawkins
Catherine Anabelle Hawkins
Annie Alice Hawkins
Margaret Louisa Hawkins
Flora Alma Hawkins
Female Hawkins b 22 Nov 1908 in St Vincent, Ontario, Canada d 22 Nov 1908 in St Vincent, Ontario, Canada

Archibald John Campbell and Margaret Pitts children

John Alexander Campbell 
Catherine Isabel Campbell 
Flora Marjorie Campbell

William Archibald McDonald and Catherine Morrison’s children

Jack McDonald b abt 1909 in Sakatchewan, Canada d 1910 in in Sakatchewan, Canada

Janet Baillie Miller and Archibald Stevenson’s children

Archibald Stevenson
Andrew Miller Stevenson
John Miller Stevenson
Helen Laurie Barclay Stevenson
George Heed Miller Stevenson
Mary Heed Stevenson
Janet Baille Millar Stevenson

Annie Arthur’s children

Dorcas Arthur

Angus Head and Rachel Cunningham’s children

Elizabeth Truesdale Cunningham Hood

George Head and Jane Houston’s children

George Head
Grace Head b 1905 in Glasgow d 1907 in Glasgow
Christopher Head b 1906 in Glasgow d 1907 in Glasgow
Neil Head
Angus Head
Jane Head
John Head b 1920 in Glasgow d 1921 in Glasgow
Donald Head

John Head and Jeanie McMillan Devlin’s children

Angus Head
Alexander Head
Grace Anderson Head
John Head b 1912 in Glasgow d 1913 in Glasgow
Donald Campbell Head b 1914 in Glasgow d 1929 in Glasgow
Thomas Head
Elizabeth Murray Head

Mary Head and William McMillan’s children

Grace Anderson McMillan b 19 Nov 1909 in Glasgow d 1988 in Glasgow
Mary McMillan b 20 May 1912 in Glasgow d 1917 in Glasgow
Fanny McJarrow McMillan
William McMillan
Angusina McMillan b 1922 in Glasgow d 1983 in Glasgow
Alexander McMillan b 1925 in Glasgow d 1998 in Glasgow
Donald Hood McMillan

Neil Head and Martha McArthur’s children (1st family)

Mary Hood b 1909 in Glasgow d 1910 in Glasgow
Margaret Hood

Neil Head and Margaret McArthur’s children (2nd family)

Donald Hood
James Hood b 1917 in Glasgow d 1985 in Glasgow
Grace Anderson Hood b 1919 in Glasgow d 1921 in Glasgow
Elizabeth McArthur Hood
Neil Hood b 1924 in Glasgow d 1927 in Glasgow
Grace Anderson Hood
Annie Forrest Hood
Jane McArthur Hood

John Head and Lachline Bell’s children

Margaret Head
John Archibald Head
Mary B Head

Sarah Ferguson Head and James Andrew Jamieson’s children

Margaret Jamieson
James Riel Jamieson b 1917 in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA d 1948 in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Sadie Jamieson 
Robert Head Jamieson
Kenneth Jamieson
George Jamieson

Margaret Wooler and Wilbur S Johnson’s children

Janet Elizabeth Johnson
Wilbur Wooler Johnson

William Head Wooler and Elizabeth Leyman’s children

William Norwood Wooler b 11 Jul 1922 in Youngstown, Ohio, USA d 28 Apr 1997 in Sebree, Kentucky, USA

Margaret Head and James Hailes’ children

Agnes J Hailes
Margaret Helen Hailes

William Head and Ethel Krough’s children

( William Ferguson Head b 1924 d 1988
( Neil Head b 1928 d 1986
( Alive Head b 1931

John Heads and Betsy McKay’s children

( Jessie Logan Heads b 1919 m 1948 d 2003
( Mary Heads b 1921 d 1946
( John Heads b 1924 m 1955 d 2016
( Marion Heads b 1927 m 1958 d 1988
( Duncan Heads b 1932 m 1956 d 2007

Janet Montgomery Eads and David Moore’s children

( Angus Eads Moore b 1910 m 1936 d 1994
( David Moore b 1912 m 1940 d 1978
( William McGranachan Moore b 1914 d 1977

Flora Campbell Eads and James Boyd

( Jean  Coats Boyd b 1913 m 1937 d 2003
( James Boyd b 1917 m 1940 d 2007
( Kennedy Boyd b 1925 d 1925

Christina Eads and Hector Duff’s children

( Living Duff
( Christina Duff b 1926 m 1955 d 2012
( Flora Duff b 1928 m 1944  d 2014

Dugald Eads and Elizabeth McGranachan’s children

( Alexander Campbell Eads b 1921 d 2004
( Living Eads

Robert Adams and Jessie Braid’s children

( Edward Braid Adams b 1908 m 1929 d 1967
( Mary Kettles Adams b 1910 m 1935 d 1972
( Allison Braid Adams b 1916 m 1934 d 1996
( Living Adams

Edward Adams and Annie Graham Kirkwood’s children

( Annie Kirkwood Adams b 1924 d 1986

6th Generation

William Archibald Hawkins and Lena Mae King’s children

( William Neil Hawkins b 1918 d 2012
( Kenneth Lavern Hawkins b 1923 d 1971
( Arthur Campbell Hawkins b 1927 d 2002

Alfred Colin Hawkins and Rose Anderson’s children

( Charles Bruce Hawkins b 1933 d 1957

Annie Alice Hawkins and James Elmer Brown’s children

( Helen Alice Doreen Brown b 1929 d 1994

Margaret Louisa Hawkins and Walter Scott Johnson’s children

( Amelia Isabelle Johnson b 1924 d 2000
( Catherine A Johnson b 1926 d 2005
( Albert Arthur Leslie Johnson b 1928 d 2010
( Lorne H Johnson b 1930 d 2009

Flora Alma Hawkins and William C Rennie’s children

( Jack M Rennie b 1933

Catherine Isobel Campbell and Alexander Roy Elgin McMillan’s children

( Margaret Isobel Campbell b 1928 m 1974 d 2006

Dorcas Arthur and Joseph McLin’s children

( Mary A McLin b 1914 m 1933 d 1991
( Donald Joseph McLin b 1918 d 1989
( Arthur Neale McLin b 1920 d 2004
( Phyllis Ella McLin b 1826 m 1952
( June Rhoda McLin b 1929

George Head and Edith Agnes Andrews Hunter’s children

( George Head b 1925 m 1948 d 2002
( William Head b 1925 d 1925
( Margaret Head b 1927 m 1947 d 2005
( Living Head
( Living Head
( Living Head

Neil Head and Cecilia Russell’s children

( Elizabeth Head b 1933 m 1955 d 1995
( Jane Head b 1936 d 1936
( Cecilia Head b 1937 d 1937
Angus Head and Jane Doran’s children

( Elizabeth Head b 1933 d 1945
( Living Head
( Living Head
( Donald Head b 1944 d 1944
( Living Head

Donald Head and Isabella Fenton’s children

( Donald Head b 1949 d 1950
( Living Head
( Living Head

Donald McMillan and Janet Wilson’s children

( Donald Hood McMillan b 1949 d 1949

Margaret Head and Paul Alexandre Dufresne’s children

( Alexander Patterson Dufresne b 1948 d 2005

7th Generation

Amelia Isabelle Johnson and William Harold Melville Webster’s children

( Lorne W Webster b 1943 d 1943

Donald Joseph McLin and Annie Fedorchuk’s children

( Jeffrey Arthur McLin b 1958 d 2010
( Living McLin

Arthur Neale McLin and Helen’s children

( Arthur Neale McLin b 1945 d 2006
( Living McLin