Graham Family

Our family’s historical journey begins with James Graham, born around the year 1780 in Dunblane, Perthshire. He was the son of Walter Graham and Elizabeth Stirling. James married Christian McLaren in Stirlingshire about 1816. Christina was born in 1797, in St. Ninians, Stirlingshire, the daughter of Hugh McLaren and Annie Bell. Over the years, James and Christian welcomed eleven children into their family, their births spanning from the early 1820s to the late 1830s. James passed away in 1862, in the town of Denny. Eight years later, Christina, died, also in Denny.

1st Generation

Walter Graham and Elizabeth Stirling

2nd Generation

James Graham and Christian McLaren

3rd Generation

James Graham and Christian McLaren’s children

Walter Graham
Elizabeth Graham
Ann Graham
Agnes Graham b 2 Jan 1823 in Dunipace
Hugh Graham b 10 Dec 1824 in Dunipace
Janet Graham
James Graham
Christian (Christina) Graham
Margaret Graham
William Graham
Rachel Graham

4th Generation

Walter Graham and Grace Drysdale’s children

Grace Graham
Christina Graham b abt 1848 in Alva d abt 1852 in Alva
Elizabeth Graham
James Graham b 4 Jun 1853 in Alva d 20 Oct 1854 at sea
Robert Graham b 1857 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia d 1859 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia
William Graham
George Drysdale Graham
Alexander Graham b 1865 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia d 1866 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia
John Graham

Elizabeth Graham and William Ferguson’s children

 Alexander Ferguson
James Graham Ferguson b abt 1844 in Stirling d 1879 in Maxwellton
William Ferguson
Elizabeth Ferguson
Christina Ferguson b 17 Jun 1857 in Alva d 1857 in Alva
Catherine Ferguson

Ann Graham and Simon Andrews’ children

Simon Andrews b about 1842 in Glasgow d 1924 in New Zealand
James Andrews
John Andrews
Annie Andrews
William Andrews
Agnes Andrews
Hugh Andrews b 1857 in Glasgow d 1870 in Glasgow
Walter Andrews

For more information on the above family follow on the Andrews page

Janet Graham and Andrew Fleming’s children

Janet Fleming b 12 Apr 1857 in Kirkintilloch d 30 Aug 1858 in Kirkintilloch
Joseph Fleming b 16 Sep 1860 in Kirkintilloch d 7 Feb 1862 in Kirkintilloch
Christina Fleming b 25 Sep 1862 in Cadder d 14 July 1868 in Kirkintilloch
Andrew Fleming
James Graham Fleming b 3 Jun 1873 in Kirkintilloch d 21 Nov 1875 in Kirkintilloch

James Graham and Henrietta Fleming’s children

William Harvey Graham b 19 Jan 1857 in Denny d 1875 in Glasgow
Mary McLean Graham
Christina Graham

Christian Graham and James McKinley’s children

Christina McKinlay b abt 1853 in Bonhill d 1873 in Bonhill
Margaret McKinlay
Alexander McKinlay
James McKinlay b 1859 in Bonhill d 1881 in Glasgow
John McKinlay
Elizabeth McKinlay b 1863 in Bonhill d 1881 in Glasgow
William McKinlay

Margaret Graham and Alexander Gardiner’s children

Christina McLaren Gardiner
Alexander Gardiner
Margaret Gardiner
James Graham Gardiner b 24 Apr 1864 in Denny d 1889 in Dumfries
John Gardiner b 11 Mar 1867 in Denny d 1867 in Denny
William Gardiner
John Gardiner b 18 Mar 1871 in Denny d 19 Mar 1890 in Denny
Hugh McLaren Gardiner b 28 Apr 1873 in Denny d 11 Jun 1876 in Denny

William Graham and Christina Stevenson’s children

James Graham b 4 Aug 1856 in Glasgow d 1877 in Kirkintilloch
William Stevenson Graham b 19 Aug 1858 in Denny d 1885 in Kilsyth
Isabella Lawson Graham
Christina McLaren Graham
Janet Stevenson Graham b 6 Jan 1866 in Glasgow d 1880 in Kilsyth
Rachel Graham b 24 Apr 1868 in Kilsyth d 1886 in Kilsyth

Rachel Graham and John Dempster Ritchie’s children

David Ritchie
Christina McLaren Ritchie b 19 Jul 1864 in Denny d 1865 in Denny
James Ritchie b 25 Jan 1866 in Denny d unknown
John Dempster Ritchie
Mary Shanks Ritchie b 31 Aug 1870 in Denny d 1871 in Denny

5th Generation

Grace Graham and John McFarlane’s children

Henry McFarlane b 1865 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia d 1868 in Victoria, Australia
Grace Drysdale McFarlane b 1869 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia d 1869 in Victoria, Australia
Jane McFarlane b 1870 in Maldon, Victoria, Australia d 1950 in Victoria, Australia
Walter McFarlane b 1872 in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia d 1876 in Victoria

Elizabeth Graham and Henry McFarlane’s children

Cyril Paul McFarlane b 2 Sep 1876 in Sandhurst, Australia d 7 June 1956 in Wellington, NZ
Gracie Elizabeth McFarlane
Olive Victoria McFarlane b 1881 in NZ d 14 Oct 1980 in Wellington, NZ
Ruby Christine McFarlane b 1882 in NZ d 5 Apr 1966 in Wellington, NZ
Norman Hugh Graham McFarlane
Daisy Ruth McFarlane
Henry Maldon McFarlane

George Drysdale Graham and Ann Morton’s children

Muriel Eva Graham
Harry Drysdale Graham
Olive Morton Graham
Eric Percy Graham b 1889 in Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia d 26 Apr 1915 in Gallipoli, Turkey
Joseph Kenneth George Graham
Frank Leslie Graham
Roy Graham

John Graham and Catherine Rogan’s children

Eileen Jane Graham
Johnn Walter Graham b 1897 in Nhill, Victoria, Australia d 22 Sep 1943 in Victoria, Australia
Grace Monica Graham

Alexander Ferguson and Margaret MacAulay’s children

William Ferguson
Margaret Reid Ferguson b 31 Mar 1872 in Dumfries d 1876 in Alva

Alexander Ferguson and Jane Reston’s  children

Walter Graham Ferguson
Margaret Gillian Ferguson
Agnes Miller Ferguson
Jane Reston Ferguson
Lilian Ferguson b 1895 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia d 1896 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

William Ferguson and Mary McCurdy’s children

John Ferguson b 1873 in Alva
Male Ferguson b 1873 in Alva d 1873 in Alva

William Ferguson and Helen Herd Occleston’s children

William Ferguson
James Graham Ferguson
Margaret Hird Occleston Ferguson
Elizabeth Ann Hird Ferguson
Alexander Walker Ferguson
Alfred Ferguson
Jane Fowler Ferguson b 1890 in Aberdeen d 1892 in Aberdeen
Catherine Dobbie Ferguson

Elizabeth Ferguson and Alexander Bogie’s children

Elizabeth Ferguson Bogie 
Margaret Lambert Bogie
Catherine Ferguson Bogie b 1893 in Dunfermline d 1894 in Dunfermline

Catherine Ferguson and Alexander King Dobbie’s children

William Ferguson Dobbie b 1883 in Glasgow d 1883 in Glasgow
Robert Dobbie
David Dobbie
Catherine Elizabeth Ferguson Dobbie
Helen Rose Dobbie

Andrew Fleming and Catherine Ann Moor’s children

Andrew Imrie Fleming

Margaret McKinlay and Thomas Wilkinson’s children 

Christina Graham Wilkinson
William Wilkinson
Mary McWatt Wilkinson
James McKinlay Wilkinson
Elizabeth McKinlay Wilkinson
Margaret McKinlay Wilkinson
Thomas Bell Wilkinson

Alexander McKinlay and Margaret Rose Dobbie’s children

Helen Rose McKinlay
James McKinlay
Christina Graham McKinlay
Georgina Rose Dobbie McKinlay
Robert Dobbie McKinlay
Margaret Jardine McKinlay
William McKinlay b 1899 in Glasgow d unknown
Jeannie Pettigrew McKinlay
Alexander McKinlay b 1903 in Glasgow d 1982 in Irvine

John McKinlay and Nancy Deborah Longworth’s children 

Mary Ann McKinlay 

William McKinlay and Margaret Ferguson Hamilton’s children

Margaret McKay McKinlay b 1898 in Glasgow d 1976 in Glasgow
James McKinlay b 1899 in Strachur
Christina Graham McKinlay
Elizabeth Hamilton McKinlay
Thomasina Hamilton McKinlay b 1912 in Cumlodden d 1929 in Luss

Christina McLaren Gardiner and Alexander Henderson’s children

Margaret Graham Henderson
George Henderson
Alexander Gardiner Henderson
John Henderson
James Henderson
Lilias Gardiner Henderson
Elizabeth Conolly Henderson
William Gardiner Henderson b  1887 in Eastwood d 1907 in Edinburgh

Alexander Gardiner and Mary Kelly’s children

Alexander Gardiner b 1884 in Glasgow d 24 Aug 1918 in France
Margaret Moffat Gardiner
Mary Kelly Gardiner b 26 Jul 1888 in Glasgow d 22 Mar 1978 in Duval, Florida, USA
Charlotte Young Gardiner
Christina McLaren Gardiner
Janet Kelly Gardiner
Graham Gardiner

Margaret Gardiner’s children

Margaret Gardiner

Margaret Gardiner and William Sinclair’s children

John Sinclair

Isabella Lawson Graham and Thomas Smith’s children

Christina Stevenson Smith
Mary Jane McIlroy Smith
Thomas Smith
James Graham Smith b 1888 in Kilsyth d 25 Jul 1917 in France
Isabella Lawson Smith b 1890 in Kilsyth d 1891 in Kilsyth
William Smith b  1893 in Kilsyth d unknown
Margaret Smith
Janet Stevenson Smith b 1897 in Kirkintilloch
Robert Smith
Rachel Graham Smith b 1901 in Kirkintilloch d 1901 in Kirkintilloch
David Smith b 1903 in Kirkintilloch d unknown

Christina McLaren Graham and David Provan’s children

David Graham Provan b 1885 in Glasgow d 1929 in Glasgow
William Graham Provan b 1886 in Glasgow d 1889 in Glasgow
Isabella Lawson Provan
Agnes Provan b 1893 in Glasgow
William Graham Provan

David Ritchie and Mary Jane Campbell’s children

David Campbell Ritchie
Archie Gladstone Ritchie
Mary Barfield Ritchie b 4 Nove 1904 in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia d 20 Jun 1908 in Cooroy, Queensland, Australia
Glennie Ritchie
Jean Ritchie

John Dempster Ritchie and Jessie Cassels Drummond’s children

Marion Cassells Ritchie b 1896 in Denny d 1993 in Glenrothes
Rachel Graham Ritchie
John Dempster Ritchie b 1899 in Dunipace d 1901 in Denny
Mary Gardner Ritchie b 1901 in Denny
Henry Drummond Ritchie
James Shanks Ritchie b 1905 in Denny d 1905 in Dunipace
Jessie Cassels Ritchie
William Johnston Hoggins Ritchie

Muriel Eva Graham and Robert Bertram Harris’ children

Marcelle Gwendoline Zara Harris b 7 Nov 1913 in St Pancras, London, England d 14 Jan 1987 in Westgate on Sea
Yvonne Muriel Harris b 30 Dec 1915 in Fulham, London, England d unknown

Harry Drysdale Graham and Margaret Ellen Smith’s children 

Grace Morton Graham
Ewan James Drysdale Graham

Olive Morton Graham and Herbert Charles Cook’s children

Ronald Harry Cook
Marjorie Olive Cook

Joseph Kenneth George Graham and Kizilla Magdalene Svanborg’s children

Kenneth Frank Drysdale Graham b 1915 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia d 1931 in Balwyn, Victoria, Australia

Frank Leslie Graham and Alice Winifred Gould Towns’ children

Joan Alison Graham
Lesley Nance Graham

William Ferguson and Rachel Graham Kirkwood’s children

James Frew Kirkwood Ferguson b 1898 in Kirkintilloch d 1902 in Kirkintilloch
William Graham Ferguson b 1901 in Kirkintilloch d 1901 in Kirkintilloch
Robert Kirkwood Ferguson
Hannah Hunter Ferguson b 1903 in Kirkintilloch d 1904 in Kirkintilloch
John McGovern Ferguson
Alexander Westland Ferguson
Graeme Kirkwood Ferguson

Jane Reston Ferguson and John Gordon McCrae

John Gordon McCrae
William Donald McCrae
Norma Jean McCrae

William Ferguson and Isabella Smith Wilson’s children

Georgina Wilson Ferguson
William Ferguson b 1905 in Old Kilpatrick
Annie Stevenson McLean Ferguson
Gordon Ferguson

James Ferguson and Helen Kinnaird Robertson’s children (family 1)

William Ferguson b 1899 in Aberdeen d unknown
Josephine Robertson Ferguson

James Ferguson and Barbara Barron’s children (family 2)

Frederick Barron Ferguson

James Ferguson and Mary Collins’ children (family 3)

Mary Margaret Ferguson 
James George Ferguson
William Alfred Ferguson
Elizabeth Ferguson
Ellen Ferguson

Margaret Hird Eccleston Ferguson and William Cantlay’s children

Elizabeth Cantlay

Elizabeth Ann Hird Ferguson and Edward Farquhar’s children

James Farquhar
Mabel Farquhar
Edward Farquhar b 1903 in Inverurie d 1904 in Inverurie
Edward Farquhar b 1906 in Inverurie d 1980 in Glasgow
William Alexander Farquhar b 1908 in Inverurie d 1921 in Glasgow
George Lockie Farquhar
John Blackhall Farquhar
Alexander Ferguson Farquhar b 1918 in Glasgow d 1976 in Preston, England

Alfred Ferguson and Diana Ferguson’s children

Ethel Ferguson
Isabella Smith Ferguson b 1921 in Aberdeen d 1921 in Aberdeen
Alfred Ferguson
Evelyn Kidd Ferguson

Catherine Dobbie Ferguson and Alfred George Weir’s children

Helen Occelston Weir 

Elizabeth Ferguson Bogie’s children

Eva Margaret Wilcox Bogie

Margaret Lambert Bogie and Alexander Guthrie Roberts’ children

Alexander (Alistair) Bogie Roberts b 18 May 1919 in Glasgow d 5 Mar 1981 in San Francisco, California, USA

Robert Dobbie and Elizabeth Losee’s children

Catherine Louise Dobbie

Catherine Elizabeth Ferguson Dobbie and John Reynolds Smith’s children

Helen Virginia Smith
Harriet Beulah Smith

William Wilkinson and Mary Flanigan Brakey’s children

Catherine Cameron McLintock Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson

Mary McWatt Wilkinson and James Tod’s children

James Tod
Thomas Tod
Mary Helen Tod
Janet Margaret Tod

James McKinlay Wilkinson and Catherine Martha Niven’s children

Thomas Niven Wilkinson

Margaret McKinlay Wilkinson and William Henry Angel’s children

John Angel
Elizabeth Margaret Angel

Thomas Bell Wilkinson and Janet Logan Wilson’s children

Ian Bell Wilkinson b 1916 in Glasgow d 1991 in Glasgow

James McKinlay and Florence Beatrice Colley’s children

Florence Beatrice Margaret McKinlay

Georgina Rose Dobbie McKinlay and John Logan Scott’s children

William Scott b 1913 in Glasgow d 1982 in Crieff

Margaret Jardine McKinlay and James Russell’s children

James Dobbie Russell

Margaret Graham Henderson and James Garland’s children

Christina Henderson Garland
Thomas Garland
Agnes Garland b 1906 in Glasgow d 1934 in Glasgow
Elizabeth Cross Garland b 1908 in Glasgow d 1913 in Glasgow

George Henderson and Mary Busby’s children

Christina Allen Henderson
Margaret Graham Henderson
Alexander Henderson b 1906 in Airdrie d 1979 in Muiravonside
Agnes Busby Henderson
Georgina Henderson

Alexander Gardiner Henderson and Jessie McKnight Stewart’s children

Jeanie McKnight Henderson
Christina Gardiner Henderson b 1897 in Denny d 23 Feb 1969 in Denny
Margaret Stewart Graham Henderson
Alexander Henderson 
James Stewart Henderson

John Henderson and Elizabeth Simson Lawson’s children

Margaret Lawson Henderson
Alexander Henderson
Christina Gardiner Henderson
Elizabeth Lawson Henderson b 1912 in Denny d 1974 in Glasgow
John Henderson
Agnes Lawson D Henderson